Automation - the idea behind this service is for every type of Homes Association, from startup to established.  If you do not know where to begin, or are finally beginning to question what you are getting for the tens of thousands of dollars you are paying your current "full-service" provider, we understand!  We can perform a discovery session, establish a database for your pool key card access system, full systems management, contract negotiations, financial analysis, and assisting with planning for future projects.  We use Microsoft Excel to create user friendly formulas and summary sheets to provide your residents or for publishing on your neighborhood website.  We can provide guidance on services, providers, liens, budgets, future projects, website creation, establishing a Board and its associated Officers, review of your Covenants, etc.!

While all services are time based and will have "leave behind" documents to get you started - this service starts at $7,500 and includes 15 hours of expert consulting service with all deliverables provided on a USB stick for your HOA.  All lower level Solutions are included in this service (Discovery and Solution Development).

For more information - please contact us directly!

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